Free Groceries. The Downtown Streets Team Food Closet is located at All Saints’ Episcopal Church. On average, the Food Closet serves more than 200 people every week, distributing 880 pounds of food. Entry to the Food Closet is at 425 Hamilton Avenue, opening hours are  Mon – Friday 10:00am to 2:30pm and Saturday 9.00am to 1:00pm. Donations of food, as well as donations of time to help serve clients, are welcome. The Food Closet was founded in 1976 by Patsy McAfee, a longtime member of All Saints’ Church.

Contact: (650) 325-3663.

Service Opportunities: *Work at the Food Closet and help to distribute food. *Sign up for weekly email alerts specifying foodstuffs that are most needed. *Donate food or money. *Organize a food drive. *Excellent opportunity for high school students seeking community service experience.

History: While the Food Closet is now  open 6 days per week, it is housed at All Saints’ primarily because of the dedication and vision of the late Patsy McAfee, a long-time All Saints’ parishioner, who saw a need, and gathered others to help make it a reality. Before the new Parish Hall was built in the 1990’s, the Food Closet operated out of our Parish Office; it now is a tenant with its own dedicated space designed as a permanent part of the Parish Hall. All Saints’ parishioners, along with many other community members, serve as regular volunteers at the Food Closet; others respond to weekly email alerts about the most needed food supplies so that they can bring them to be added to the offerings brought to the altar on Sunday morning.

Regular staples on the donation list:

SOUPS – hearty soups, like Progresso soups with meat, are needed;
a good choice of soups would be helpful;
any soup especially other than tomato or broth soups
welcome! Others: pork ‘n beans, chili, canned yams or
sweet potatoes, cranberry in cans, gravy in cans, canned
green peas, beets in cans.
CANNED MEATS — corned beef, spam, vienna sausages, roast beef;
Spaghetti-os, ravioli,
beef tamales, chicken
(any canned “meat” other than tuna would be great!)
BEVERAGES: Instant coffee, hot chocolate in packets, apple cider,
bottled water, Capri Sun drink pouches, but no tea bags
for now.
NON-FOOD ITEMS: travel size shampoo and mouthwash; soap, disposal
razors; plastic spoons (not forks or knives please); ziplock
bags, toilet tissue, paper towels, cotton socks
OTHER:  dry soups,
hot and cold cereals and pasta.
jams and jellies. salt and pepper.
Grocery bags with handles are always needed!