How to Apply

To apply or for more information, please contact or send your application materials to the Rev. Canon Martha Korienek:

Your application materials should include these items:

  • Cover Letter
  • Résumé
  • Candidate Profile from the Office of Transition Ministry
  • Response to All Saints’ two additional questions (see below)

Thank you for your interest!

Additional Candidate Questions

  1. One of the key characteristics in a PIC that All Saints’ is looking for is an embrace of partnered ministry, with the congregation becoming a true partner alongside the priest.

    Please describe your experience with sharing decision-making and implementation authority with members of a congregation, or equivalent experience working with another organization. What approaches have worked well, and which have not? Please provide specific details. Are there any areas where you feel it is not appropriate for the PIC to consult/partner with parishioners?
  2. All Saints’ church has been shaken by three separate events in the last two years. One is clearly the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut the church down and forced parishioners to worship virtually for 16+ months. Another is the departure, under disruptive circumstances, of a beloved music director. Finally, our rector of ten years sought and obtained a position offering significantly different opportunities for his family than All Saints’ could provide, and departed with less than six weeks notice.

    How have you used your skill set in working with a distressed congregation? Please describe a situation when you helped a group transform a trauma into a growth process. How could you transfer your skills to doing the same at All Saints’?