Our position for a full-time Priest-in-Charge is open until August 31, and applications should be submitted to Canon Martha Korienek.

Located in Palo Alto, California, All Saints’ Episcopal Church sits in the cradle of the high-tech world, and yet we’re also a church that is steeped in 125 years of rich and storied tradition. Today we find ourselves at an exciting crossroads, where opportunity meets challenge.

Following on the departure of our rector, the departure of our music director, the habit-disrupting pandemic constraints, and our conversations with the parish about the desire to broaden our worship and music styles, we see this time of transition as an inflection point–a unique opportunity to marry our past with something unknown and yet exciting. And while we’ve embraced our traditions and past, today we are ready to explore a broadening of our liturgy, music, and media so that we can still honor our tradition while we expand our horizons.  

We are deeply committed to worshiping, working, and gathering together; and we seek a priest-in-charge to help us make this journey together:

  • We seek a Pastor: a spiritual guide who opens up, builds upon, diversifies, and broadens our love for beautiful liturgy, excellent preaching, and quality music in order to experience the holy in our midst.
  • We seek a Facilitator: a priest who builds relationships inside and outside our community, with a vocation for connecting people to each other, and will help us attract, welcome, and incorporate newcomers, seekers, and new Christians.
  • We seek a Partner: a priest who can bring out the best in others, who can inspire and energize, without needing to be at the center.

Additionally, being so close to Stanford University, as well as being in the center of the young adult world of high-tech, we hope to call someone with a heart for, and understanding about, ministry with young adults.  And since the parish is located in the vibrant downtown of Palo Alto, we have access to not only the joys of urban living — such as foot traffic, restaurants, small businesses, and parks — we also have access to the many challenges of urban living, and therefore, the opportunities of urban ministry. We gather, work, and worship together as a community so that together we can face these challenges and welcome these opportunities, all the while giving thanks for the infinite variety of God’s creation.  What holds us together across all of this is our belief that the gathered community is more powerful in meeting our mission than any one of us alone — our priest will see this every Sunday when we pass the Peace.  As we learn from the extremely diverse community that surrounds us and grow into our vision of being a cornerstone of this dynamic corner of the kingdom, we seek a partner who can guide us as we explore new ways to put these callings into action — both in our church and across our broader community — and be our pastor as we make this journey together.

We are a dedicated congregation.  We have a lean but balanced budget. We have a strategic plan and we have accomplished most of its facility-improvement projects.  But we have more yet to accomplish in our spirit-building projects: to get us where we’re called to be, we seek a priest with skills and experience as a pastor, a community organizer and a partner. 

  • Barbara Sawka, co-Senior Warden
  • Margaret Weil, co-Senior Warden
  • John Sack, Search Committee Chair

Search Committee Prayer

Holy God, we thank you for the rich history of All Saints’, and for the bonds of friendship, service, and mission that connect us to each other.

We pray for your gifts of discernment.

Help us to recognize you in what is unfamiliar, as well as in what is familiar.

Be with us as we approach uncertainty or struggle, as well as when we set forth with confidence.

Help us to understand our past and present, and move with clarity and faith toward the future.