Cristosal works to advance human rights in Central America through rights-based research, learning, and programming.

Beginning in 2000 as a collaboration between Episcopal clergy in the USA and El Salvador to build relationships and share resources, Cristosal soon began to focus on justice and rights in post-civil war El Salvador, opening a human rights office in 2001 and developing a voice on national issues. Since then, Cristosal has grown from two to over fifty employees in El Salvador, gained nonprofit status independent of the Church, earned grant funding from institutional partners like USAID, pioneered models for cross-cultural learning, and become a leader in human rights-based development and a resource for policy-makers worldwide. Today, Cristosal is expanding its monitoring system for forced displacements and sustainable, community-based models for victim protection and assistance into Guatemala and Honduras, accompanying victims of violence to provide protection when they need it most, repairing the lingering effects of human rights violations, and building human rights environments where peace is possible.

All Saints’ and its members offer significant support to Cristosal. As well as financial contributions from the parish and individual members, All Saints’ has hosted a number of Cristosal-related meetings and fund-raising events. Parishioners have also participated in Cristosal’s Global School Seminar program in San Salvador, learning first hand some of the challenges facing Central America and Cristosal’s human rights approach to these issues as well as visiting significant sites in El Salvador’s troubled history.