Live Streaming of Sunday 10am Service Via Facebook

In this time of extraordinary circumstances being in community is something we crave and providing the means for that requires some creativity. At All Saints’ we have arranged for the 10am service on Sunday’s to be live streamed via Facebook. You do not need to be a Facebook member to see or hear the service.


  • If you are a Facebook user and already see postings from All Saints’ Page then you just need to login to Facebook and use the search bar at the left-hand top of the page and enter All Saints. You should see the entry.
  • If you are not a Facebook user please just follow this link: . You may see a box come up in front of the All Saints information asking you to join Facebook. Just click on the bottom words that say something to the effect of ‘not at this time’.

Exactly at 10am the live service will begin (scroll down a little below the ‘photos’ section if you don’t see it right away). If you would like to receive the liturgy booklet prior to the service please fill out the contact form a few days ahead of time and it will be sent to you via email.