Additional Resources

There are many online resources to aid worship and study:

  • The Lectionary. Part of our Sunday worship service is a selection of readings from "The Lectionary".  You can preview the readings recommended for each Sunday online. Note that All Saints uses the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). 
  • The Daily Office. Daily prayer may be aided by The Daily Office, prayers for morning and evening.  Prayers are onlne in English and Spanish.
  • Forward Day By Day. The online publication and website Forward Day By Day offers a daily Bible passage with questions to aid reflection on that passage.
  • The Oremus Bible Browser. Oremus is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible, and has American and Anglicized versions as well as several versions of the psalms.
  • Bible Gateway. Bible resources including the Bible in multiple  languages and versions, audio, commentaries, downloads, and much more
  • The Book of Common Prayer. A comprehensive Resource for the Book of  Common Prayer for the U.S. Episcopal Church, including sections  formatted as the original. We currently use the 1979 edition.
  • My Faith My LifeA site for youth of the Episcopal Church, a place for teens to explore faith.

Please see also our list of small groups to support learning and growing in understanding of our faith and of each other.

The Prayers of the People used during Advent 2010 is below (congregational response in bold):

Let us pray together and then reflect in silence on what God seeks in us today.

We are tempted each day to become captives of frenzy in a time that has been prepared for your coming among us in peace.  Grant to us here and to your church in the world the strength to set aside time for reflection and repentance.

Prepare our hearts to receive the gift of your Incarnation.

How will you prepare for God's coming among us in peace?  [Silence]

Our nation continues to be polarized, each of us sincerely convinced of the rightness of our cause. Help us grow in understanding of views that differ from our own and to repent of our self-righteousness.

Help us to work together for our common goals.

How will you grow in understanding others? [Silence]

The world is filled with the darkness of war, poverty, hatred, and greed.  Open  hearts and minds so that the nations and their rulers may grow in the light of understanding, justice, and peace.

Prepare us to become the light of nations you made us to be.

Where is the light you can bring to the darkness? [Silence]

We too easily become unseeing, swept up in the festivities of these holidays.  Keep us mindful of those among us who are homeless, unemployed, without hope, and without joy. 

Guide us to share with your love the message of hope and new life that we celebrate.

How will you share God's love? [Silence]

We sometimes forget our common humanity with those who suffer from illness, loss, fear and any other adversity.   Help us become the blessing made manifest in the coming of Jesus Christ among us.

Let us be a comfort to those who suffer.

How will you be the blessing?  [Silence]

We have lost from sight those who have died and will be so much missed this season. We thank you for them, the years we shared with them, the good we saw in them, the love we received from them. Give us strength and courage, to leave them in your care learning to trust confidently in your promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Use us, Father, as bearers of your love to support those who mourn.