Music & The Arts

All Saints’ is a supremely musical parish. Thanks in no small part to a wonderfully resonant worship space and fine mechanical-action Flentrop organ, the gathered assembly sings heartily and eagerly and is open to new hymns and liturgical settings. We are one of the few Episcopal churches with a fully sung early service, with a small but dedicated group of regular worshipers. The adult choir of some 20 voices leads the primary liturgy each Sunday and festival from September into July. We have a long tradition of highly respected music directors and organists. Member instrumentalists occasionally embellish the musical palette as well.

Thanks to the wonderful acoustics, All Saints’ hosts numerous musical groups from the Bay Area community, with twenty concerts and special events in the recent program year. Our group rental policies are flexible enough to attract larger performing groups as well as individuals and smaller groups. For information on presenting a concert at All Saints’, please contact Susan Reaves, parish and campus administrator, at office <at>

All Saints’ has also hosted occasional visual art displays, including a recent Pentecost display in the church by local artist Sukey Bryan. Members some years ago also painted a courtyard replica of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, used frequently by the community. Also, the parish Altar Guild lovingly arranges flowers and hangs banners and other visuals throughout the Church Year to enhance the worship experience.