All Saints is a church that loves variety, festivals, music and great sermons!  Our Media section gives you a way to see (or hear) all of these and to participate:

  • Photo Galleries - show you photos and slideshows of our core values in action, our recent events and life together, our beautiful church, outreach and music activities, and our 100+ year history in photos and documents.
  • Polls - help us make informed decisions as a community, and help us learn from each other -- we call it "mutual ministry".
  • Audio - brings together our audio information such as sermons and recorded performances.
  • Video - lets you liste AND see some events such as musical performances and church ceremonies.
  • Documents -   shows both recent and older documents written over the years: event production notes,, newsletters, annual meeting reports and presentations, stewardship, parish profiles, concerts, and brochures about the church.