Book: "The Hospitality of God" by Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves

What happens when two bishops known for their liturgical sensibilities travel to study alternative Christian communities on two continents? Bishops Mary Gray-Reeves and Michael Perham traveled throughout the U.S. and U.K. to study fresh expressions of church and identify the principles that link these new forms of worship and community. The Hospitality of God captures their practical and inspiring findings and builds a bridge between fresh new voices and the institutional church.

A detailed and systematic analysis that features case studies and examines such issues as history, method, setting, scripture, prayer, music and Eucharist. Also includes liturgical texts the authors encountered on the road or created in response to their journey into emergence.  The book is $18.00 at Amazon.


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             The Hospitality of God: Emerging Worship for a Missional Church

About the Authors:

Mary Gray-Reeves is the Bishop of the Diocese of El Camino Real in California. She is a passionate liturgist and part of a cohort of Generation X leaders in the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church.

Michael Perham is Bishop of Gloucester in England, where he has written several popular books on liturgy and the spiritual journey. He has served on the Church of England's Liturgical Commission.

From Bishop Mary:

"The Hospitality of God is a book about liturgy in the emerging church. I think you will find it a wonderful way into conversation about the art of liturgy and the ways in which what we take for granted as Anglicans/Episcopalians, can be such an important gift to those seeking to know God in Christ. As well, you will gain insights about the very generation we all wish we had more of in our pews!"