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                                                            GRACE NOTES


                    December 18, 2014                                                                                 Volume    VII.12.3

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


Worship –Spiritual Life & Intimacy with God – Outreach – Partnership in Ministry –

Inclusion & Friendship





Do you just like to eat them or do you love baking them, too? Our annual Christmas COOKIE PARTY will take place on Sunday, December 21 after the 10am service. If you are busy baking your own traditional cookie treats, why not bake a couple dozen more to share at the party?  We always have a great assortment of cookies at the party and every year we can’t wait to see – and taste! - what everyone brings. Don’t forget to bring a container to take some treats home!
On Sunday December 21 after church, you are invited to carol for a few parishioners that can’t often get to church.  After lunch at church (lasagna), we will visit their homes and sing to them.  Please email Joanne Westendorf  at if you are interested in joining a group for this rewarding service.
LECTORS:  READINGS for Sunday, December 21, 2014

First Reading:  2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

Second Reading:  Romans 16:25-27

HOSPITALITY:  A big thank you to the people who provided Hospitality in the month of November. Thanks to Dennis Manalo, Laurie Jarrett, Jean Pressey, the Stewardship Committee: Mary Ann Hayward, Margaret Weil, Ken Van Bree, Jeff Rensch, Anne Houghteling, Diane Posnak, Bob Tatum and the Sunday School: The Walsh family, the Frank family, Dennis Manalo and Terry Gleeson, Marianne Witscher. Please check your calendars and see if you can sign up to provide Hospitality. There are openings for Jan.11, Jan.18, and Feb. 1. Please contact me at or call me at 650-260-2924.  ~ Marianne Witscher - Hospitality coordinator
The Food Closet is one of the major outreach services that operate out of All Saints' Parish Hall to aid members of the community. Nonperishable food donations are always welcome. Here are some items that the Food Closet could use this week:
·         Protein products (canned meats, tuna)
·         INSTANT COFFEE, hot chocolate packets, tea bags
·         Peanut butter (non-organic, please) and Jams
·         Packaged instant oatmeal
·         Soup, canned or in packages (such as Ramen)
Saturday, December 20 -- 8 p.m.
Sunday, December 21 -- 7 p.m.
The New Choir, directed by Eileen Chang, offers its traditional holiday potpourri program, in collaboration with the Menlo Brass Quintet. Featured composers include Gabrieli, Purcell, Sandström, and Kverno. Tickets are $25 at the door ($20 general, $18 seniors/students). For advance tickets and more information:
Wednesday, January 7, 7:30 p.m., Conference Room.
We will continue our discussion of the final chapters of Luke's Gospel, chapters 19 - 24.  For more information, please contact Phillip Palmer at or 650.851.2599.  All are welcome, regardless of whether you have read Luke recently.
CHRISTMAS NIGHT DINNER AT TAI-PAN.  Please let Susan Barkan ( know  if  you’d like to enjoy Chinese food on Christmas Night, Dec. 25. We will be gathering at Tai Pan restaurant, across the street from the church, at 5:30. (Note that this is NOT Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, but the next day). I need an accurate count to be sure we have a big enough table. This will be the third year that we have graced the restaurant with our presence. All are welcome. Bring friends!
Holy Eucharist at All Services
All Are Welcome!
Christmas Eve: Wednesday December 24
5:00 p.m. - Family Service
with Christmas Pageant and Carols
10:30 p.m. - Prelude with Choir, Organ, and Carols
11:00 p.m. - Candlelight Midnight Mass
Christmas Day: Thursday, December 25
10:00 a.m. - Festival Eucharist with Carols

18 Thursday
8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR
10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF
19 Friday – Parish Office Closed
20 Saturday
9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH
8:00 PM New Choir: CH, PH
21 Sunday
8:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
9:15 AM  Advent Meditation: CPL
10:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
7:00 PM New Choir: CH, PH
22 Monday
23 Tuesday
24 Wednesday – Parish Office Closed
5:00 PM Family Service with Carols: CH
10:30 PM Prelude with Organ, Choir, Carols:CH
11:00 PM Candlelight Midnight Mass: CH
25 Thursday – Parish Office Closed
Christmas Day
10:00 AM Festival Eucharist with Carols: CH
26 Friday – Parish Office Closed
27 Saturday
9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH
28 Sunday
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH
10:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
29 Monday
30 Tuesday
31 Wednesday
1 Thursday
New Years Day – Parish Office Closed
2 Friday – Parish Office Closed
3 Saturday
9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH
4 Sunday
8:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Rm 21
10:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
4:00 PM New Esterhazy Concert: CH


Weekly Activities

Mon. 7:00p Women’s AA – Rm. 28 

Wed. - 7:30p Women's AA, FR

Thur. - 8:00p Narc. Anon., PH

11:30a Breaking Bread Meal, PH:

Fri. - 11:30a Breaking Bread Meal, PH:

Sat. - 8:00a Yoga, PH;

7:00p Young Peoples’ AA: MP 


CF Conference Rm, CPL Chapel, CH Church, FR Fireplace Rm, LB Library,  MP Multi-Purpose Rm., PH Parish Hall