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                                                            GRACE NOTES


                    May 21, 2015                                                                                 Volume    VIII.5.3

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


Worship –Spiritual Life & Intimacy with God – Outreach – Partnership in Ministry –

Inclusion & Friendship





Last Saturday our dear friend and former parishioner Ray Woo successfully completed the final requirements for his reception as a priest of the Episcopal Church.  Ray was formerly a Jesuit priest. The Diocese of Hawaii’s Commission for Ministry and the Standing Committee both gave their final approval and Bishop Fitzpatrick will now receive Ray’s Orders at 4pm on Sunday June 14, at St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, Honolulu.  We remember Ray with enormous affection and respect and congratulate him on this new chapter in his life and ministry. I don’t know if any All Saints’ parishioners will be able to be present for next month’s celebration, but I do hope Ray will arrange to visit us with Viv, and celebrate the Eucharist with us soon. Aloha!                               TPG+

SUNDAY ADULT FORUMS FOR EASTERTIDE AND BEYOND.  The Adult Formation Committee offers the Parish an exciting series of Sunday Adult Forums for Eastertide and beyond.  Grab some refreshments and then join the forum to help you prepare to be the hands and heart of Christ in this place!

May 24 - Advance Directives

This is a continuation of the session started on May 17.  Not your parent's Advance Directives forum, nor a lawyer's forum, this is a forum that is both practical and "reflective."  Eric Nefstead, hospice/hospital chaplain, will facilitate this forum after the 10am service. He will use materials from Five Wishes ( and guide us through an Advance Directive form, from a spiritual and Christian perspective. "Five Wishes is an easy to use legal document written in everyday language that lets adults of all ages plan how they want to be cared for in case they become seriously ill. It isAmerica’s most popular living will with more than 18 million copies in circulation. It is unique among all other living will and health agent forms because it speaks to all a person's needs: medical, personal, emotional and spiritual. Five Wishes also helps structure discussions with your family and physician." The General Convention of the Episcopal Church encourages all parishes to offer education about Advanced Directives for all parishioners.  There will be a $5 charge for the Five Wishesform.

May 31 - Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

This past January, Robin Poppoff, All Saints' Deacon Intern, went on a pilgrimage to The Holy Land by attending a 2-week course at St George's College, Jerusalem.  To help celebrate her last Sunday as All Saints' Deacon Intern, Robin will share photos and her stories about her very amazing trip.


Centering Prayer: Friends, I invite you to join a Quiet Meditation in the small chapel between services this Sunday, May 24.

The Advance Directive Adult Forum continues after the 10.00 am service. Meditation offers a quiet time to sit with our feelings and emotions and to open our hearts to God's love and presence, fruitful preparation for the forum.

Whether you are planning to attend the forum or would just like a few minutes to rest, I welcome you to join us in the small chapel at 9.30am.

Thank you,

Beth Wigen


LECTORS:  LESSONS for Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Reading:            Acts 2:1-21                                                         

Second Reading:       Romans 8:22-27


A recent Forum on the Oriental Orthodox drew attention to the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

The genocide visited on Armenian Christians a century ago is well documented if still disputed, but Christians continue to suffer and flee violence in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya.

At each of the forums I drew attention to a large ‘Coptic” processional cross as a symbol of so many churches that are suffering in the region.

In the next few weeks that cross will be displayed in the church as a reminder of what so many of our brothers and sisters in the faith suffer on a daily basis.

It is customary to thread a festive cloth or ribbons through the base of the cross: if we find something suitable, you will know why!

NEW TESTAMENT STUDY GROUP CONTINUES, Thursday, May 28, 7:30 p.m., Library.

We will continue our discussion of  chapters 8 - 14 of  John's Gospel.  These chapters include the raising of Lazarus and the footwashing at the Last Supper.  The discussion promises to be stimulating.  For more information, please contact Phillip Palmer at or 650.851.2599.  All are welcome, regardless of whether you have read John recently.



The All Saints’ Choir offers Choral Evensong for the Eve of the Visitation. The story in the Gospel of Luke of the Virgin Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth gives us two of the most important texts set to music over the centuries, the Ave Maria and the Magnificat. The Magnificat and Nunc dimittis will be sung in settings by Philip Moore of York Minster. The Ave Maria is by Franz Biebl, a setting sung every Christmas in concert by Chanticleer. Another Marian text is Ave Maris Stella, set to one of the most beautiful medieval plainchants, followed by a 4-voice motet accompaniment of that chant by Thomas Stoltzer. The Preces and Responses are by Richard Shephard, composed for Salisbury Cathedral. As always, the liturgy will be followed by a lovely reception. Invite your friends!



A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on the morning of April 25, causing severe damage and loss of life across the small nation. The ERD will help to meet urgent needs such as food, clean water and shelter, as well as support for assessment and search and rescue teams in the initial phase of the disaster, through the ACT Alliance in Nepal and with our own partners in surrounding areas including northern India and southwest China. Following the initial relief phase, this fund will continue to support longer-term recovery efforts with local partners. 

Please consider supporting these efforts.  The link below will take you directly to the ERD website for online giving.



Last Sunday, we collected another 200 cans for the Food Closet, bringing the total to well over 800 cans.  As DST still has much work ahead in making this a financially viable community resource, we’ll keep accepting donations of canned goods as planned until the end of the month—through next Sunday, May 24th—and have added some additional needs to the Giving Guide below for those still planning to donate.  Many thanks to all!

Giving Guide – We can best help re-stock Food Closet shelves by donating any of the following:

Instant coffee

Sugar, jam, salt or hot chocolate in packets

Oatmeal, both regular and instant

Ramen noodles

15 oz cans of beans, e.g. refried, pinto, kidney, chili, garbanzo

Canned meats: corned beef, spam, vienna sausages, roast beef, chicken

Spaghetti-Os, Ravioli, Beef Tamales

Pork’n Beans, Chili

Soups - hearty soups, like Progresso soups with meat.  A good choice of soups would be helpful. 

All types other than tomato or broth welcome

Canned yams, sweet potatoes, green peas, beets

Cans of gravy, cans of cranberry



Please note that Susan Reaves will be until Tuesday, May 26.

Facility use requests and other office questions will be addressed upon Susan’s return.  Thank you!


All Saints’ offers Adult Formation programs to enhance parishioners’ intellectual and spiritual development, to support their journey of faith, and to encourage active discipleship.  Programs include but are not limited to the Sunday Adult Forums after each service. 

The Adult Formation Committee invites you to complete a survey on Adult Formation after the  service on June 7 (this will be the first Sunday when we observe our summer schedule, with one service at 9:30).  We seek your input on the kinds of Adult Formation programs that will be helpful to you.  We also want to find out how you might be willing to help in the development and delivery of Adult Formation programs.  If you want more information about the survey, please contact Phillip Palmer at

We look forward to having your input and to working with you to deliver Adult Formation programs at All Saints’!


This year’s General Convention will determine who is to be our new Presiding Bishop: Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori is not standing for re-election and four candidates have been nominated. One of the four candidates will be elected PB by the House of Bishops in a special election on Saturday June 27, 2015. However, we are going to beat the bishops, and elect the PB two weeks before! On Sunday June 14, there will be a special forum after the 9.30am service, at which brief presentations will be made on each of the four candidates and we will then vote and determine who would be our choice.

 New material has been released by the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop, which includes a booklet as well as video presentations by each of the candidates. The booklet may be found at

A video of Bishop Tom Breidenthal can be found at ,

Bishop Michael Curry at ,

Bishop Ian Douglas at ,

and Bishop Dabney Smith at

By way of preparation for our election, do take a few minutes to view these videos and look over the booklet.



Deacon Daphne B. Noyes currently serves at Church of the Advent in Boston ( and also for about 20 years as a chaplain at Mass. General Hospital. She reached out to Fr. Terry this week in hopes that someone at All Saints’ can help with a residence during her sabbatical:

I am in the process of planning a 2016 sabbatical which will bring me to Stanford, where my friend Jane Shaw is director of religious studies. So I write to introduce myself, since you may be seeing me next spring, and to inquire if any of your parishioners might have accommodations for a visiting scholar-cleric, or if you could make a recommendation. I will most likely be working with some of the faculty at the medical school, specifically on medical decision-making. A critical care nurse colleague and I have developed a seminar called "Now and at the Hour of Our Death: Medical Decision-Making in the 21st Century" which we offer at local parishes to very positive response, so doing some research at the medical school seems like a good fit. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you, and eventually meeting in person.

Eastertide blessings, DBN

While Daphne does not yet have set dates, she most likely will be in the area for three months, January through March or February through April. If you think you or someone you know might like to host her while she is in our area, Daphne can be reached at



All Saints’ Episcopal Church, upstairs in the Education Building

Energized speakers and interested community members discuss a variety of interesting and relevant topics facing our community.  All are welcome to attend. 


SAVE THE DATE - more details to come!

5th Annual El Camino Real Recovery Retreat to be held at St. Francis Retreat Center in

San Juan Bautista from Friday dinner July 31st through lunch on Sunday August 2nd.

All are invited  - and especially anyone interested in having a spiritual renewal weekend around any form of recovery that may include - but is not limited to - alcohol/drug addiction (AA/NA), family member of someone in recovery or that should be in recovery (Alanon, Alateen), eating disorder (OA), etc.

We welcome anyone wishing to be a part of sharing recovery from a Christian perspective and/or grow in their 12 step recovery programs. For additional information, please contact either Canon Brian at  or Deacon Kathey at  Registration information and forms will be available, soon.







21 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


22 Friday – Parish Office Closed


23 Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


24   Sunday

8:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Rm 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

11:15 AM Adult Forum: FR


25 Monday – Memorial Day

     Parish Office Closed


26 Tuesday


27 Wednesday


28 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF

7:30 PM New Testament Study Group: LB


29 Friday – Parish Office Closed


30 Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


31  Sunday

8:00 AM  Holy Eucharist: CH
9:15 AM Adult Forum: FR

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Rm 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

11:15 AM Adult Forum: FR

4:00 PM Evensong and Reception: CH, PH




1 Monday


2 Tuesday


3 Wednesday

12:00 PM Healing Service: CPL


4 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


5 Friday – Parish Office Closed


6 Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH

8:00 PM Bay Choral Guild Concert: CH


7  Sunday

Begin Summer Worship Schedule

9:15 Child Care in the Nursery

9:30 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:45 AM Adult Forum: FR

4:00 PM  New Esterhazy Concert: CH

CF Conference Rm, CPL Chapel, CH Church, FR Fireplace Rm, LB Library,  MP Multi-Purpose Rm., PH Parish Hall