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                                                            GRACE NOTES


                    August 7, 2014                                                                                 Volume    VII.8.1

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


Worship –Spiritual Life & Intimacy with God – Outreach – Partnership in Ministry –

Inclusion & Friendship




Fr. Terry is on vacation and will return August 24. The Rev. Mary Morrison will celebrate Sunday services in his absence.
LECTORS:  READINGS for Sunday, August 10th
First Reading:                   1 Kings 19:9-18
Second Reading:             Romans 10:5-15
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The following letter was shared by member, Trudi Clifton-Vizvary
Help Young People Caught in the Political Crossfire
On the news you’ve likely seen the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine. This round of fighting and loss of life began with the death of four teenagers. And if you wait a few minutes or change the channel, you may see information related to Central American youth crossing into the U.S. unaccompanied. In both cases, youth are at the center. Youth should never be used as instruments of political gain or violence. They depend on us to show them a way to a better life, and simply to love them -- all of them.
Below are a few ways to help with different levels of involvement:
Information: Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) will be releasing a list next week regarding ways to help the Central American child migrant crisis. Their website also offers links to get involved. The government has made direct access to the youth very difficult, yet there are several local non profits taking donations. Check out EMM’s website for more information:
Action: Non-profits that are involved (such as Catholic Charities) have been flooded with donations.  As such, they are looking to find ways to receive donations for future use. I invite all parishes to collect items for the youth. The majority of the youth are boys aged 14-17. I will personally come and collect the donations and arrange to have them delivered to a non-profit that is actively involved in helping the youth. Please contact me at for more information. Put out a barrel, collect toiletries, clothes, coloring books, any unwanted or unneeded clothing. Perhaps your homeless program needs to be refreshed. Anything is needed and can be collected. I’ll arrange a time to pick up and deliver.
Alternative Action: Several great non-profit groups work directly in the affected countries that have strong ties to our churches. For example, Our Little Roses( in Honduras or Foundation Cristosal ( in El Salvador are just two such organizations. A unique way is to visit Life Out of the Box (, co-founded by a Carmel native. Its sales directly support the purchase of education materials for youth in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Morocco, and even the US.
Pray: Pray alone, as a group or as part of worship. Pray for the children affected by the issues.
Discuss: This is not an easy topic, and it is easy to push aside. There is no quick solution or “app” to address the situation. Find a way to discuss the issue locally. For those that wish, please contact me directly, and I will be happy to serve as a resource to begin discussion.

Rob Sommer     (831) 917-9178
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