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All Saints publishes two newsletters regularly, which keep members and visitors informed about what is going on. 

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  • Calling All Saints is a periodic longer news publication, distributed by email and by postal mail, with longer pieces that cover recent milestones and events, and more detail on the major upcoming events of the season. 8-16 pages. Back issues are online in the Document Archive

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                                                            GRACE NOTES


                            February 4, 2016                                                                                 Volume    IX.2.1

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


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Inclusion & Friendship







In late April a group of All Saints’ parishioners will be heading down to SE Mexico and visiting people, parishes and projects we have been supporting. When Hurricane Ingrid and tropical storm Manuel devastated communities along the Gulf of Mexico, All Saints’ immediately sent $2500 in relief. Subsequently we have purchased large capacity gas tanks for two bakeries, provided numerous scholarships and constructed a classroom and church extension.


This Lent we are invited to participate in a gift and fund raising effort to continue our support of these impoverished communities. We will have the opportunity to contribute much needed school supplies, children’s clothing and other needed items. Additionally, money boxes will be available to take home and used to collect any funds you may wish to contribute. These donations will all be taken to Mexico in April and given to our hosts.


Ash Wednesday is next week: money boxes and suggestions for appropriate gifts will be available then.

Many thanks for your support and interest.



SERVICES @ 12:00 PM  AND 6:00 PM



LECTORS:  LESSONS for Sunday, February 7. 2016

First Reading:             Exodus 34:29-35

Second Reading:        2 Corinthians 3:12—4:2



HOSPITALITY - A big thank you to the people who provided Hospitality in December. Thanks to Jen McCabe and to those who participated in the Cookie Exchange. We still need sign ups for Feb. 14, Feb 21, and Feb 28. Let me know if you can help. Marianne Witscher -




Join us on Sunday, February 21, at 4:00 p.m. for our next Evensong liturgy. The All Saints' Choir, under the direction of Rodney Gehrke, who also will play both Flentrop organs, presents the world premiere of settings of the Evening Canticles (Magnificat and Nunc dimittis) and of the Preces & Responses, by John Karl Hirten (b. 1956). Our own Ann Lane commissioned these works in memory of her son, Colin Lane. The choir will also sing anthems by Orlando Gibbons and Johannes Brahms. The congregation will sing hymns and join the choir on one of the two Anglican chant psalms. As always, a lovely reception hosted by Joan and Jodi Scherer and friends will follow the service. Invite your friends to this memorable event!






Dear friends,


In the December Calling All Saints!, we mentioned that All Saints’ will host Cristosal for their annual executive committee meeting in April. (Cristosal is a non-profit grounded in the Anglican Church that works on behalf of human development and human rights in El Salvador.) We had hoped to have several forums on Cristosal and Central America before they visit us April 6-8, but it’s looking like as though our forum schedule is full—though please mark Sunday, April 3, on your calendar. My good friend Sarah Lawton, a delegate to General Convention from the Diocese of California, will talk to us that morning about Resolution D033 on “Supporting Refugee Rights in Central America,” which she presented at GC last summer.


In the meantime, I plan to share occasional brief items (“food for thought”) in Grace Notes and CAS! in preparation for Cristosal’s visit. If you read the December CAS! article, you’ll recall that a large part of Cristosal’s work is protecting vulnerable people from violence and working with other NGOs and the Salvadoran government to strengthen civil society and the rule of law.


As I was running errands Sunday afternoon, I happen to tune into Latino USA on NPR, which devoted its whole program that day to the current state of Central America: why it is experiencing the highest levels of violence it has seen since the civil wars of the 1980s and 1990s; the ongoing displacement of thousands of people and resulting long-term brokenness of families and social bonds; the great challenges Central Americans face in finding safe haven; and the ties to US  and Mexican foreign and immigration policy (both past and current). 


It is a long program, but broken into multiple shorter episodes. I highly encourage you to take time to listen to it. It is a very comprehensive introduction to the world of too many of our Central American neighbors and the world in which Cristosal works. There and Back: What is happening in Central America:


—Pax Christi, Kathy Veit




In early April we will be honored to host the annual board meeting of Foundation Cristosal, an El Salvador based human rights organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church. A very full description of Cristosal’s identity and mission was offered in the most recent Calling All Saints: (


Eight board members – two women and six men, including Bishop Greg Rickel from the Diocese of Olympia – will arrive Wednesday April 6th and most will leave Saturday April 9th. We are hoping that two members from El Salvador will be able to stay over until Sunday the 10th, and either preach or conduct an adult forum.


If anyone could offer accommodation to one or more of these board members, would you kindly let Susan at the office know? (650 322 4528) All that is needed is a bed – meals will be taken elsewhere. I am very excited about building a relationship with this truly impressive organization, so I thank you for considering this request.  ~ TPG+ 



CALLING ALL SAINTS!  March Edition – Deadline Feb. 5

The next edition of our parish newsletter will be published in early March--a Lent/Easter edition covering from early December (looking backward) through the end of May (looking ahead).  Please let us know soon if you plan to submit something and be sure to send us your text and/or photos by February 5. Thanks! 


Heather Hadlock & Kathy Veit




Lent is a Holy Season of preparation in the church; preparation for the celebration of the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection at Easter. It is a forty day season and forty is a powerful number. Noah waited forty days and forty nights for the water to subside after the floods. Moses and the Israelites wandered forty years in the wilderness. Jesus faced temptation in the wilderness for forty days. Finally, the journey each of us has taken - the normal term of a human pregnancy is forty weeks. Each of these ’40-long' seasons has been, and is, a journey to something new; a new world, a new people, a new identity, a new life. It is in this spirit of preparation that we invite you to join us on a Lenten journey of inquiry; a journey of recalling, discussing, processing, sharing, and integrating our unique life stories, our faith stories.


Perhaps you remember the popular television show “What’s My Line”. It featured a panel of celebrities questioning the weekly contestants in an attempt to identify their careers. On this Lenten journey we will be our own celebrity and contestant and each other’s audience as we integrate and articulate our individual stories. 


Terry will introduce our journey at Adult Forum on February 7. We will begin reflecting together on February 21.

And continue sharing and processing on February 28, March 6, and March 13.


What is your line? And what is mine? Can’t wait to hear…




St Andrew's Episcopal Church in Saratoga is hosting a 90-day study on Centering Prayer and we are invited to participate.


This invitation to practice Centering Prayer for 90 days comes at the beginning of a rich liturgical season. Over the next three months our Christian community will walk across the threshold of Ash Wednesday, into Lent, through Palm Sunday and Holy Week, the Easter season, the Day of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. This is a season that invites us to reflect, contemplate, and pray. This study is an opportunity to use a contemplative prayer practice, a practice that allows us to sit in the presence of these Holy Mysteries with an open heart.


The commitment: Practice Centering Prayer for 20 minutes each day for the 90 day duration of the study.


Training: There will be a training session at St. Andrew's on Saturday, February 6, 10-11:30 AM

St Andrews is located at 13601 Saratoga Avenue Saratoga, CA 95070


On-going support: There will be parishes across the diocese sponsoring weekly Centering Prayer sessions. The schedules will be published shortly. In addition we will be offering some support and Centering Prayer sessions at All Saints depending on participant schedules and desires. 


Additional Information: The links below point to the article in our Diocesan newsletter, and to a flyer for the study. 

If you have any questions, or if you are interested but can't attend the training on February 6th, please contact Beth Wigen:

phone: 785-550-3628



Along the King's Highway, 1-22-2016 (The Centering Prayer invitation is at the bottom)


Centering Prayer Flyer:




Do you have graphic design skills? I am looking for someone with graphic design skills to take over laying out our newsletter, Calling All Saints! I have developed tendonitis in my thumb/wrist from too much technology usage and really need to cut back soon. Heather and I will be happy to continue to edit the newsletter (solicit, write, and edit text; find photos), but we would love to find someone who could join our team and lay CAS! out. I have been using Adobe InDesign, so if you know that program, then you'd be all set. If you don't but have another program you prefer, then you'd need to design/redesign a template first in your own software before you'd be able to take this on. If you're interested or have questions, please drop me a line! Thanks, Kathy Veit





All Saints’ Episcopal Church, upstairs in the Education Building

Energized speakers and interested community members discuss a variety of interesting and relevant topics facing our community.  All are welcome to attend.






4 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


5 Friday– Parish Office Closed


6  Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


7 Sunday

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Rm 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH


8 Monday


9 Tuesday


10 Wednesday - Ash Wednesday

12:00 PM Ash Wednesday Service: CH

6:00 PM Ash Wednesday Service: CH


11 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF


12 Friday– Parish Office Closed


13  Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


14 Sunday

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Rm 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH


15 Monday– Parish Office Closed

     Presidents Day


16 Tuesday


17 Wednesday


18 Thursday

8:10 AM Continuing the Conversation: YR

10:00 AM Art Workshop:  CF

5:30 PM JLS Middle School Concert:

19 Friday– Parish Office Closed


20  Saturday

9:30 AM Altar Guild: CH


21 Sunday

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

10:00 AM Godly Play Sunday School: Rm 21

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist: CH

4:00 PM Evensong and Reception: CH, PH


Weekly Activities

Mon. 7:00p Women’s AA – Rm. 28 

Wed. - 7:30p Women's AA, FR

Thur. - 8:00p Narc. Anon., PH

11:30a Breaking Bread Meal, PH:

Fri. - 11:30a Breaking Bread Meal, PH:

Sat. - 8:00a Yoga, PH;

7:00p Young Peoples’ AA: MP


CF Conference Rm, CPL Chapel, CH Church, FR Fireplace Rm, LB Library,  MP Multi-Purpose Rm., PH Parish Hall