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                                     Grace Notes


March 29, 2018                                                   Volume VIII.3.5

Putting Christ’s Love into Positive Action


Worship –Spiritual Life & Intimacy with God – Outreach – Partnership in Ministry –

Inclusion & Friendship




Good grief – it’s Maundy Thursday!!!! Tonight we gather in the parish hall around 5.30pm for a simple supper of soup, followed by the Solemn Commemoration of the Lord’s Supper at 7pm. This too is a simple meal, that ends in silence before the blessed Sacrament in the chapel. We will hear Jesus’ invitation to his disciples to watch and pray with him, and spend some time doing just that.

Tomorrow, Good Friday, we will observe the Solemn Commemoration of the Passion at noon. After the reading of the Passion and prayers, we will venerate the Cross and distribute Holy Communion. Again, this is a simple, quiet reflective ceremony.

Good Friday night we recall the Burial of Christ in a special Evensong at 6pm. Those who have attended this find the ceremony both moving and beautiful. We use incense not only to show special reverence but also to recall that Jesus’ body was buried in haste, without the incense and spices that should have accompanied his interment.

Saturday morning, I know the Altar Guild would appreciate both donations of flowers as well as assistance in arranging them and preparing the church for the Easter liturgies.

Saturday’s Easter Vigil begins in the courtyard at 8pm with the lighting of the new fire and the Paschal Candle, followed by the readings and celebration of the Eucharist. For some years the custom was for the congregation to listen to the readings seated around the labyrinth: we no longer do that! After rain forced us indoors a few years ago, we have welcomed the church’s shelter from the wind and evening chill. This is, of course, the most important liturgical celebration in the church’s entire calendar.

If you have arrived at the end of Lent without having done much to observe the season, there is still time!!! We are all acutely aware that at this time in our nation’s history there is much to support and much to protest, and navigating our way through these challenging times demands wisdom and integrity, self-discipline and patience. As men and women of faith, we learn by returning over and over again to the story of our Savior, who radiated the calm patience in adversity we so need and rely upon. I encourage you to enrich your own resources by attending as many of these liturgies as you can.

When I was an assistant priest in New York, we started the Good Friday observance at noon and went until 3pm. If you have attended one of these ceremonies, you’re probably not anxious to repeat it. By contrast, our liturgies at All Saints’ are not long, little different from a normal Sunday Eucharist, and enhanced by our rich musical and liturgical tradition. I look forward to seeing you often during these three days of the Lord’s Passover.





LECTORS:  LESSONS for Easter April 1, 2018


  10:00 AM First Reading:                    Acts 10:34-43

              Second Reading:                    1 Corinthians 15:1-11





Many thanks for the generous outpouring of support to raise the bond for Ana Maria, the Mexican asylum seeker that our parish is accompanying. Thanks to generous donations from our Immigration and Refugee Action Group and others, and an allocation from Fr. Terry's discretionary fund, we were able to come up with $2,500 to help supplement what her family and friends had been able to scrape together, and we will likely have some surplus funds that we can  provide to her if she is in need of basics. 

      Ana Maria had her pre-release hearing on Wednesday, which Heather Hadlock attended, and Kathy Veit delivered her bond and bus ticket. (This was not as simple as it sounds--a reminder of how hard it is to negotiate a big bureaucracy like ICE.) Ana Maria should reach her friends and new home in San Jose by midnight on Thursday after two months in detention in Bakersfield.

      If Ana Maria is up to it, she and her friends and attorney, Tess Feldman (and her husband), plan to join us at the Easter Vigil on Saturday to express their deep gratitude. Tess has been very clear with us that if it were not for the support of a faith community like All Saints', she does not think Ana Maria would have been granted release nor would her bond have been set as low as it was. 

        Ana Maria asked her friend in San Jose, "who are these good people who don't even know me?" Her friend replied, "God has put them in our path." We will continue to make that path together in the coming months. In the meantime, please keep Ana Maria and her friends and family in your prayers. 



Last Friday, Cristoal's Noah Bullock met with staff from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss the El Mozote Massacre case and to ask for support from the Congress in releasing still-classifed US documents related to the massacre and to make a statement of support for transitional justice processes in El Salvador. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot relay the content of the meeting except to say that it was extremely positive and positioned Cristosal to be a major source of information for this important committee on conditions on the ground in El Salvador. 

       Cristosal also asks that we all help in supporting the El Mozote trial by writing to our representatives. Easy instructions (and suggested text) can be found here

       Last Saturday, on the feast day of Oscar Romero and the martyrs of El Salvador, Cristosal posted this beautiful video featuring Cristosal's David Morales on why March is the month of martyrs and human rights in El Salvador. It is very appropriate to Holy Week and dovetails with our Global School chaplain's suggestion that we prepare for our trip by reading the Passion Gospels. It's also great for those of us trying to practice our Spanish!


~Kathy Veit






All are welcome to share a simple soup supper in the Parish Hall.  

We are asking attendees to bring soup and/beverages to share. Salad and bread will be provided.





Copies of an updated member directory are available at the rear of the Church. Look for the blue booklets.

If you wish to be emailed a pdf of the directory, please email Susan at





Please bring your cut garden flowers to help make the church colorful and festive with flower baskets and decorations. If possible, bring shears for flower cutting.  ALSO: EASTER LILIES - If you wish to contribute funds towards Easter lilies for the church, please make a check payable to the All Saints’ Altar Guild and mail it or drop it in the collection plate. 





EASTER VIGIL RECEPTION immediately follows the 8PM service. Please consider bringing sweets, strawberries or perhaps some savories to share. Champagne and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. 




EASTER BRUNCH POT LUCK – April 1, 11:30am

Everyone is invited to All Saints’ Pot Luck Easter Brunch on April 1st at 11:30 (time may vary) in the Parish Hall immediately following Easter service.  Please bring savory appetizers, sides, salads and beverages - roast lamb seasoned and baked ham provided.


Please sign up to attend and bring complementary dishes to share.  Your whole family is invited.  Sign up sheets can be found on Sundays in the Parish Hall.





The Rev. Kathy McAdams, who served at All Saints’ as Associate to the Rev. Margaret Irwin and the Rev. John Allen and also as Interim Priest, has been called to be rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Franklin, MA. Her four years with us were times of change and transition, and her ministry was invaluable.


Kathy has served at St John’s since January and will be installed in April.  Anyone who would like to share in that celebration is invited to show our appreciation of her ministry by signing a card that will be available on Sunday April 8 and 15


You can also show your support by making a donation to her discretionary fund. Checks should be made out to St. John’s Church with the memo line indicating Rector’s Discretionary Fund. Checks may be given to those at the card-signing table or mailed directly to St John’s Episcopal Church 237 Pleasant St, Franklin, MA 02038


Please pray for Kathy in her new ministry.