About Us

Our congregation spans all ages, economic circumstances, and family situations -- and we enjoy variety, inclusion and friendship among our core values.

Some among us were raised in the Episcopal Church and many of us have come from other religious traditions or simply seek a place where people can work together to know and grow with each other, and support the wider community in serving all of God's people. We have all found a spiritual home in the loving, supportive family of All Saints’, a congregation in the Diocese of El Camino Real. We offer many opportunities for all ages to be involved in serving the underserved. We believe that this is a critical need in the heart of Palo Alto and an important aspect of living the Gospel.

All Saints is both a church community where we care for each other in the sight of God, and a downtown center that serves needs that the community has -- an excellent space for music and meeting, and a place where we care for others in the community.

Physically, the most important facts about All Saints are that we are located in the downtown Palo Alto center, and that the church is round.  The central downtown location supports our role as a downtown community center: a place where diverse communities can come together to organize, to be fostered, to be healed, and to thrive.  The round church reinforces that we see and seek God in each of us as we gather around each other in the space.   Our relationship to each other and to our community is not separate from our relationship with God, who has asked us to care for each other as one of the two great commandments. 

We welcome guests, visitors and new people; we value what you bring and we hope we can offer you what you seek.